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what feeds this deep love?


stand tall in the shadow of your own flag. feel the wind blowing your love-stitched cape. nourished with open hearted dedication and discernment. deep love.

rainbow town

when the heart breaks open, we find nothing but rainbows within …




shelter, refuge, and tender hearted grace in rainbow town

courage, calm, and curiosity

yup.  another post about change. cause i just can’t seem to shake it.  all the ways of change.

maybe its a life change, like moving across the country only to find out that the school you entered with high expectations was not, really really not, a good fit! or maybe its a small change, like deciding to have oatmeal instead of rice cakes and almond butter for breakfast (not me, i stick with rice cakes. there needs to be some constant other than change.)  Or maybe its an internal shift .. of values, desire, hopes, health … those things are shifting around inside me too.

whatever the change, here are three things to i am clinging to in the face of change:

courage. courage my friends. courage to stand (or sleep). courage to do what needs to be done.  courage to feel it. all of it.

calm heart, calm mind, an ocean of calm, please!

and curiosity .. what is this right now?  getting familiar and curious with it all.  trying to stay afloat. or falling into it and maybe just sinking to the bottom for a while. whatever works.

i made these little bears to remind me to live with courage, calmness, and curiosity. and whatever else comes along.


fibre fibre everywhere!

fibre arts …

i find working with fibre comforting, tactile, tangible, and versatile .. as you may know, i have been exploring needle felting (check out the gallery for images of felted creatures) and this last weekend i went to a wet felting workshop!

where we created fibre pornography  – as the ladies like to call it 😉

and yes, there certainly was a lot of ohhhs and ahhs and cries of ‘i’m so excited‘ .. and of course, whole lotta wetness goin’ on in that room … the explosions of creativity was absolutely inspiring and awesome!

i decided to try to make a vessel … and with a big thank you to our teacher who guided me through the process .. I ended up with this …

if you want to learn more .. here is a wet felting tutorial from crafty mamas ..  where they all work on a peice together and then cut it up .. super cool process!  and super great pics!

Fibre arts have a long history in community-based arts and in arts for social justice ..  here are a few of the artists or projects that i find thought provoking, heart felt, and technically inspiring …

Andi Arnovitz working out of Jerusalem, Israel .. Andi’s work is provocative and compelling .. she explores many different issues  – women’s place in history and religion, peace and reconciliation …  this particular peice is called  “If Only They Had Asked Us (2010) .. which is about the abscence of women’s voices in Jewish law , and suggests that, had women been involved in writing these texts, Jewish law and life would be all the more vibrant and colourful” (FiberArts Winter 2010/2011 Volume 37. Number 4).

http://www.flickr.com/photos/57219800@N06/Photo credit:  Jewish Art Salon’s Photostream.

This is the only picture I could find on-line except for A.A.’s website so be sure to go check it out!

New York! A big city that I have never been to! But, damn they have some neat stuff going on ..

June 2010 – Amanda Browder, in collaboration with North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition .. and the community disrupted their aluminum siding by sewing a giant peice of art together and pinning it to the buidling .. with the help of a structural engineer .. in a project called The Future Phenomena Project


Neat! Creative! And joyful!

And one more ..

Knit Graffiti!  Yarn bombing! You may have seen this in your hometown ..  bicycle racks .. trees.. lampposts .. doorknobs .. with a lovely, colourful knitted cover allll over them?   let’s thank Knitta Please for this awesome idea that began in 2005 .. or so says wikipedia ..

have a lovely day … peace out .. 
i like it when you comment or drop me a line at artsandcraftscollective@gmail.com to share your stories, ideas, and images of awesome art! 

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