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wildly blooming

all is blooming here.

some of the poppies are aching
to be gathered and put to use.

others are content to stay put.

rooted down feeding from this rich earth while reaching up and absorbing the light from the soft sun-moon.

being of use by becoming.
by being.

skillfully. unwieldy.




remember your heart’s deepest longing


with love

tiny bunny love

soft gaze, heart open

another one of my student art therapist cards … reminding me in all I do to… keep it simple. what is often most important is simply seeing and being seen. i am here with open heart, soft gaze, compassion. to myself and others. ruffled feathers happen, it’s true. and shouldn’t be ignored. and sometimes storms sweep along, tossing things about. but i hold this close: i can come back to just keeping it simple – seeing and being seen.



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