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let’s get together

A few weeks ago, I mentioned I would be sharing projects that focus on community health, healing, and art. I have found a few — today, let’s visit Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

One summer, I spent a few weeks in the city of Philadelphia. It was just after high school and I wanted to do something! help someone! expand my consciousness! make a difference!

So, I looked through a booklet (yup, not a website) filled with all kinds of projects and signed up for one that promised an ‘eco-friendly, inner-city experience with a group of young folks from around the world.’ And so it was! We lived together in a big ol’ house and cooked communal dinners. Never sure what we would be doing each day, we ended up in abandoned crack house (cleaning was the aim but it was a lost cause), worked in a community garden, and painted nationalistic murals on the rooftop of the house we stayed at (I think mine, in true Canadian pride, included pot leaves and peace signs). One day we went to the organizer’s house and cleaned up his overgrown library! It didn’t seem well-organized – there were times when we seemed to simply be serving the organizer’s personal and political persuasions. And sometimes, I wondered what I was really doing there – we all did.

One day we ended up in neighbourhood where the store fronts were big garage doors with bullet holes spattered across them. My eyes opened wide. Our job was to throw concrete at a mud and wood perimeter of a hole for a basement – were we building walls? I don’t know. The… space … was to become a women’s shelter – I don’t know if it ever did.

But I do know that I met a man at that site. His name escapes me. I remember his slight outline sitting on top of a ladder in the bright sun, big work boots, black jeans, and his constant companions – a walkman and the music of Phil Collins – music he credited with saving him from a life of heroin addiction and homelessness. He springs to mind when my heart is captured with joy, belonging, and a sense of home as the right note, the right phrase, the right blend of instruments fills my body with sound. I am grateful to him for sharing his path of healing with me – it helps me to recognize and open to my own unique path of healing. Because, really aren’t we are all just looking for, and finding, those sweet spots that ignite our soul? And, really, only you can know when you find yours.

What were the long-term results of our work? Did I make a difference? Did I help someone? Are those the questions to ask to get at what happened in that space?

I don’t know. We ‘parachuted’ in, didn’t complete any project, and didn’t spend much time talking with local community folks. It was loose, messy, unstructured. Subtle and gentle. A time to explore my own identity, a new community, and sit in a place of a belonging/not belonging. I took a step outside of my everyday experience and expanded – heart, soul and mind. Small steps into big questions.

So, I have a soft spot for Philadelphia and when I found the project below, I was pretty excited to share it with you. If I was going to return to Philly now, I would like to lend my skills and heart to this project:

The Porch Light Project
A mural arts project
organized by Mural Arts Program & the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual DisAbility Services.

“A three-year initiative that situates art and human connection at the heart of recovery and healing in three North Philadelphia neighborhoods”

How does it work? Three areas of Philadelphia are participating in the project. The site is prepped and funding is attained. Then the mural artists get together with community members and people within the partnering community organizations to talk, make art, write, and share community and individual priorities, issues, and aesthetic sensibilities. The design process is specific to the mural artist – so each project is quite different. And of course, the painting and installation is done by everyone who wants to participate! When the painting is done, there is a celebration.

The Color of Your Voice – drawn from poetry created by community members, the mural focuses on themes of resilience, history, strengths and challenges.

Our Vision, Our Testament – this mural was drawn from words, lists, and collages about the value of community and what it takes to make a community to thrive.

To see more projects, click here.

And it doesn’t stop with murals! What is the value of participating in such a project? For individuals? for organizations? for communities? Long-term research/evaluation is being completed by The Yale School of Medicine and includes in-depth interviews (before and after), focus groups, and examination of data from different municipal departments about things like ” behavioral health services, neighborhood commercial activity, and crime over time” (http://muralarts.org/programs/porch-light-initiative-evaluation).

What a neat project. I wonder what stories the participants will tell about their involvement in the project. How will these stories be shared? Will we learn about the messy, difficult parts as well as the joyful, smooth parts of the projects? I will follow up in a while and post if I find anything interesting!

In the meantime, I leave with you some images of graffiti and murals that I have collected in my travels:

feel (san francisco) happy endings (regina) robot (san francisco)wrestlers (toronto)monster (regina)lo-cost meat (san francisco)the wall (powell river) safer (san francisco)


P.S. Also in Philadelphia, I convinced my friend that we could make it to the Veruca Salt concert across town without any money for a way home. With the generosity of a stranger who gave us the money for a cab, we did make it safe and sound. A big public thank you to this man — I have never forgotten your kindness and have paid it forward again and again.

fibre fibre everywhere!

fibre arts …

i find working with fibre comforting, tactile, tangible, and versatile .. as you may know, i have been exploring needle felting (check out the gallery for images of felted creatures) and this last weekend i went to a wet felting workshop!

where we created fibre pornography  – as the ladies like to call it 😉

and yes, there certainly was a lot of ohhhs and ahhs and cries of ‘i’m so excited‘ .. and of course, whole lotta wetness goin’ on in that room … the explosions of creativity was absolutely inspiring and awesome!

i decided to try to make a vessel … and with a big thank you to our teacher who guided me through the process .. I ended up with this …

if you want to learn more .. here is a wet felting tutorial from crafty mamas ..  where they all work on a peice together and then cut it up .. super cool process!  and super great pics!

Fibre arts have a long history in community-based arts and in arts for social justice ..  here are a few of the artists or projects that i find thought provoking, heart felt, and technically inspiring …

Andi Arnovitz working out of Jerusalem, Israel .. Andi’s work is provocative and compelling .. she explores many different issues  – women’s place in history and religion, peace and reconciliation …  this particular peice is called  “If Only They Had Asked Us (2010) .. which is about the abscence of women’s voices in Jewish law , and suggests that, had women been involved in writing these texts, Jewish law and life would be all the more vibrant and colourful” (FiberArts Winter 2010/2011 Volume 37. Number 4).

http://www.flickr.com/photos/57219800@N06/Photo credit:  Jewish Art Salon’s Photostream.

This is the only picture I could find on-line except for A.A.’s website so be sure to go check it out!

New York! A big city that I have never been to! But, damn they have some neat stuff going on ..

June 2010 – Amanda Browder, in collaboration with North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition .. and the community disrupted their aluminum siding by sewing a giant peice of art together and pinning it to the buidling .. with the help of a structural engineer .. in a project called The Future Phenomena Project


Neat! Creative! And joyful!

And one more ..

Knit Graffiti!  Yarn bombing! You may have seen this in your hometown ..  bicycle racks .. trees.. lampposts .. doorknobs .. with a lovely, colourful knitted cover allll over them?   let’s thank Knitta Please for this awesome idea that began in 2005 .. or so says wikipedia ..

have a lovely day … peace out .. 
i like it when you comment or drop me a line at artsandcraftscollective@gmail.com to share your stories, ideas, and images of awesome art! 

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