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ebb and flow

in this ebb and flow of moments… i am grounding in motion. i am finding a stillness that is not motionless. this stillness, this grounding, is made up of small movements that hold me in balance and topple me over at the same time. into cold water. rocky shores. sunlit skies.



not grasping to stay upright. planting down. being aware. noticing it is the shifting under my feet, the shifting in my body, the shifting of air that supports my ability to hold my balance. and then noticing these are the same things that shake me to the ground.



ah. sweet ground. wave and shore. sun and sky. stillness and motion. a gentle heart recognition. this is all there is.


be awesome

in the midst of a whirlwind of habit and busy mind, this little bear with his golden shimmer heart and starry cape
reminds me to nourish myself, others, and the world with awe. with reverence. with lightness. with spaciousness.
it is all just awesome.


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