sharing and learning

friends and felllow art-lovers/makers … be part of my project?

why do you make art (and by art i mean … crocheting, knitting, singing, cooking, music, dance, painting, drawing, … whatever you think art is)  …

why do you make art with other people?

what happens when you  make art with other people?

tell us more … share whatever is in your heart and mind to share …

please post a picture or a link or a sound bite or …..


4 responses to “sharing and learning

  • Ben

    I’ve always enjoyed creating things. When I was younger I was making art just for fun, but as I got older I became more serious about examining the meaning behind what I was creating. This was largely to do with my formalized training, which focused on the conceptual side of the art making process. Since completing my education, I have tried to rediscover the joy of just creating, because I find that innovation is better achieved from a less structured approach. I guess for me I hope to find a balance between an “educated” approach and the freedom that comes from just producing art because you feel the desire. Collaboration works well for this, because you are forced to relinquish some control.

  • Gerry Ruecker

    i’ve been a practicing artist for about twenty-five years, working primarily in mixed media sculpture and furniture, but also photography. my education has been completely self-directed, i didn’t take my art-making seriously enough until i started having kids, and there wasn’t time or cash for a university education. for a time i envied formally educated artists, but have over the years valued the freedom of vision i’ve been able to enjoy from not.

    why do i do it?……because i have to. no choice. i love the process of combining disparate elements, things that should work against each other, but come together to result in something totally new and unexpected. the process for me is one of exploration, being invited along for a ride to who knows where, by the materials i work with and the peculiar direction my ‘submerged consciousness’ mind take me. my brain is allowed to put the stuff together, not to determine what or why.

    i generally do not have a direction or intent for a piece when i begin it. sometimes it reveals itself to me while in the process, sometimes it makes itself known afterward as i contemplate it with curiosity.

    my joy of photography comes from a similar place…….when i’m involved with my camera, i’m enabled to see so much more in everything than when i am in my usual functioning mode. which is usually amazing.

    i’m also art director for a non-profit community arts organization. i value the opportunity to engage with people in making art and giving them voice in the process. i find people fascinating and confusing, and to be allowed to share in the process of life and the creation of art is a gift that i relish greatly. it is so disappointing the people seem to have this ‘need’ to create divisions based on whatever, because we all have so much more in common as human beings than we have differences.

  • Silver Fox

    I make art to stay sane and to be happy. It makes me feel ‘s alive, it’s what adds flavour and dimension, richness to this old life on terra firma.

  • Dan

    I make crafts/art for the satisfaction of doing something difficult well, and the stranger satisfaction of provoking responses in someone else. Collaboration is great, both because the responses tend to be deeper and because it becomes more of a dialogue.

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