little handmade creatures

i have always loved arts and crafts — making things on my own and collaborating with others is restorative, delightful, and inspiring. i study yoga, art, and art therapy and am curious about the ways in which we hold and manifest creativity and resilience throughout our lives. with the help of a few mentors, a bit of gumption, and a whole lotta desire, i make, create, and play.

i love textiles, felting (wet and needle-felting), painting, drawing, have played with screen-printing, and love tiny installations and mixed media creations.

my needle-felted creatures
* hand-made — hours goes into poking the needle into the wool again and again and watching it take form … becoming solid .. finding its own shape … so meditative and magical
* made from natural fibres of sheep, goat, alpaca.  sometimes i include fabric, paper, and various natural materials
* unique, soft and sweet
* often custom-made and made-to-order
*not for children who still put things in their mouths but fun for all other ages
* are loved by kids, youth, and adults of all ages!
* would be a wonderful addition to your classroom, your kids, youth, or adult yoga class, counselling sessions or workshops .. anywhere that someone need a special companion!

needle-felting is magic!  i take a tiny barbed needle and poke it into the wool (hundreds, thousands of times) until the shape forms.  

needle-felting is magic!

i usually offer a sliding scale …sizes can vary but usually owls are $20-25; bears are $25-30; sheep are $15; rabbits are $20-30.  other creatures are priced depending on size and time.

If you see something you would like or are interested in a custom order, please email me at to chat about it.

browse through and see what might catch your heart and eye …these small, needle-felted creatures would love to become part of your life ..

Bears — come with their own little sign, walking stick, and cape! 

IMG_1078IMG_1129 305161_10150977463110322_641965321_21694001_1986842828_nIMG_1130calm bearcompassion bear (4.8" high) gentle grey (bear; 3.8" high) truth bearawesome bear belonging bearwisdom bear

curiosity bear

curiosity bear
curiosity bear

Custom-order love bear 
love bear
 IMG_2046 IMG_2047 IMG_2048 IMG_2049 IMG_2050 IMG_2054 IMG_2059
Sweet Bunnies
brown rabbit IMG_0451IMG_0436tiny white rabbittiny bunny lovehold my heart bunny
honeybunny glitter bunny (front)glitter bunny (side)blue heart bear
Custom order – Gold Star Glitter Bunny 


IMG_1132IMG_1106heart owl watchful owl IMG_1142red owl white winged owl 20121122-235138.jpg
little grey (owl, back, 2.8" high) little grey (owl, front, 2.8" high)

backcurious owl

tiny caramel love owl (2.5" high) fire owl (2.8" high) fire owl (back, 2.8" high) tiny butter owl (2" high) tiny water owl (2" high)
wide-eye owl (3" high - front)wide-eye owl (back)
Custom order – Rainbow Owly
rainbow owly frontrainbow owly side rainbow owly (back)
shrub birdrobin
Custom order robin in nest

IMG_1571IMG_1573hungry sheep sweet sheep curious sheep

Snail with real shell
Phone photos 148One of my very first needle-felted creatures … a little cat? spark - jkl
You can find my creatures at the following locations in British Columbia:  
Knotty By Nature  (facebook ) in Victoria
* Jan 2013- present 
This amazing shop, in the Fairfield neighbourhood, is filled with all kinds of fibre delights. The owners, Steph and Ryan, make beautiful fibre pieces and they offer classes as well!
KBN Victoria Jan 2013
fernwood yoga den
Creative Rift in Powell River, British Columbia
* March 2013-present
 This shop, owned by Mischa and Jill, brings together over 50 local artists – potters, soap, body care, clothing, photographs and more!
creative rift 2013.2
Relish Interiors in Powell River, British Columbia
A great shop for all things to make your living spaces delightful! And Leah, the owner and designer, is wonderful! This is a new item I am making – wet-felted rocks! So soft, so steady, so pretty!
Relish Interiors Felted PebblesJune 2013
IMG_2041 IMG_2035
thanks for stopping by! 

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