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wildly blooming

all is blooming here.

some of the poppies are aching
to be gathered and put to use.

others are content to stay put.

rooted down feeding from this rich earth while reaching up and absorbing the light from the soft sun-moon.

being of use by becoming.
by being.

skillfully. unwieldy.




the art is on fire

ben and i make things together sometimes … we just play around … to see what happens, what the materials do … to explore ideas for our more finished pieces … here is a little photo journey of a small city we created and then set on fire in my alley …it’s not a finished thing but rather just a part of a larger process … if  we work on it again, i will post some more pics … our friend Collette took the pictures .. thanks Collette!  i discovered i like fire .. and i like mixing materials together .. and i find the canvas limiting … next stop .. sculpture!  with felt and wood and plastics …  yeah for creating and making things and just doin’ it when you feel it …

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