about me

hello. my name is jessica. 

originally from ontario, i have made vancouver island and the west coast my home for the last twelve years (with a few years in the beautiful prairie).  while finishing my ba degree in anthropology and intercultural education, i became passionate about museums and spent a few years working on developing, designing and delivering programs, resources, and services for museum professionals across saskatchewan.

i have always loved arts and crafts — making things on my own and collaborating with others is restorative, delightful, and inspiring. during my time in saskatchewan, i started making art again and practicing yoga.  now these two things are what i spend most of my time doing!

i moved back to the island and now, most recently, am living on the sunshine coast.  i have  completed my yoga teacher training.  i am passionate about the way art and yoga can help us accept and listen and change and create – individually, in community, and globally.  i am curious and committed to learning about the ways in which we hold and manifest creativity and resilience throughout our lives. my next step is to learn how to  combine yoga and art for healing for myself and others that i work with.

i love painting, drawing, reading, felting, days on the beach, my family, brunch with friends, baking vegan, gluten-free cookies, helping people move, dancing in the kitchen, listening to soulful music, listening in general, collaborating on projects, researching, and studying.

i created this blog to explore
 community-based arts and crafts projects, processes, and experiences
* arts and crafts, yoga, spirituality, social justice
* creativity, collective processes and experiences
* connect ideas and dreams and art and social justice
* and offer links to awesome websites and articles about arts, crafts, health, social justice, community-based arts, spirituality and more!

i also share my own arts and crafts (photography, visual art, needle-felted creatures)  and offer reflections of my own healing journey.

please share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences on the sharing and learning page! what is happening in your communities? what do you think and feel about arts and crafts in your daily life?  what is most important to you?

Let’s share… I would love to hear from you. 


FB: heart as home – yoga and art: (https://www.facebook.com/HeartAsHome)

FB: arts and crafts collective: (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arts-and-crafts-collective/174991905872706 )

7 responses to “about me

  • Audrey Morrison

    Thanks for sharing from the heart Jessica. When I met you I sensed that you are a very genuine woman. Good to know what inspires you and fuels your soul. A yoga teacher!! I saw that you are very well versed in the use of props!! LOL! Have a great day of dancing and crafting and???

  • Audrey Morrison

    I went to the website just below your signature on the email that you sent to me a couple of weeks ago to inquire about class schedules. Lovely site! I just came home from an afternoon of teaching yoga to 20 teens (12-14) at Assumption school. I have been finding this very challenging and also have been learning lots. I am curious as to what they thought when they came in and saw me there the first of 8 sessions–“What the heck!!” “She’s old enough to be my grandmother!!” LOL! One more class to go and then I think I shall stick with Yin and my Gentle Hatha class. 🙂 Thank YOU for your kind words about my class, looking forward to seeing you on Thursday.

    • artsandcraftscollective


      LOL – that makes sense! Thank you for being curious! And glad you enjoy the blog. Teaching yoga to teens sounds like something I would like to do! I would love to hear more about your experience – perhaps we can chat more at class next week 🙂

      All the best!

  • Audrey Morrison

    You are a brave woman…. 🙂

  • Yenaye Rene

    I a always happy meeting people like you.Yes, to me exercising the talent is amazing.The world been created by the supreme designer with its wonders ( how splendid and incomprehensible)Will love to know more about yoga.I an artist too from Africa.

  • Francewhoa

    I love your art, crafts, blog, and site. You’re a good person Jessica. I really believe that if there was more people like you the world would be a better place.

    > why do you make art (and by art i mean … crocheting, knitting, singing, cooking, music, dance, painting, drawing, … whatever you think art is) …

    It feels good, so I do it 🙂 It feeds my inner-self, making me grow. Also to interact with my dreams and try to understand them via paintings. I paint my dreams using mix medias: watercolours and digital.

    > why do you make art with other people?

    To learn more about my loved ones: friends, family, community, and myself. Also for the community love and support.

    > what happens when you make art with other people?

    Creating connections, weaving relationships, learning new and interesting things, and growing

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