move the body, spark the soul

there is a part of me that is stuck. stuck and sad and tired.  this ill health is, yes i know, an opportunity. but but but  i am struggling. some days i just want to get off the busy mind train and into the wide open space of heart.  and some days i just want to sit in it.  and i do.

the tracks of my mind are rough and tumbled and i see the same scenery …. i dip into the stories of loss and done-me-wrong … the trees whisper ‘forgiveness’ and ‘light’ … teachers say ‘let go’ …whatever that means … and little bolts of joy come every so often …

i know it is true that to stay disempowered and sad doesn’t serve anything or anyone and yet, the tracks seem to be getting more and more worn and harder and harder to jump off … fear, anxiety, self-hatred — such strong words but present here, now in the spiral of disease and discomfort.  so, where to go from here? today? right now?  what to do with all this fear bouncing around in my mind?

how bout some yoga?  move a little.  breathe in. breathe out.  stretch to the sky. and fold to the earth. letting the flow move through me and keeping my mind on the movement is sometimes the most grounding thing i can do.

I just took a 2.5 day workshop offered by Street Yoga – a non-profit, US-based organization that teaches mindfulness and yoga  in an outreach style, primarily to youth.

A short and engaging video about Street Yoga:

The training was good and challenging. I enjoyed the opportunity to focus in, learn from others, and really think about how yoga can be more accessible to everyone, especially those who have experienced trauma.  A fellow student wrote a lovely open-hearted post so I’ll just send you over there. She offers a good reminder: 

“Not every day is a bad day.. and when there are success stories, no matter how small… they are so fulfilling and rich. This work can be draining but it can also be nourishing and incredibly full of value. In my own life experience I have found there is a raw honesty that can be found on the streets. Genuine connection happens and great compassion and beauty can surface in these unexpected environments.” yoga4ayear. 

Truth. Yoga is a powerful tool for healing – linking mind, body, soul, and spirit in a personal way and within community. Here are a few organizations and people I find inspiring…

Yoga Service Council  – formed as part of the Omega Institute in 2009
Yoga Activist
Dr. Ellen Horowitz – A Youtube video that talks about the work of “Dr. Ellen Horovitz, registered Art Therapist and Yoga Teacher, integrates the two modalities in order to enhance the healing process. Dr. Horovitz is the director of the Creative Arts Therapy graduate program at Nazareth College of Rochester, NY”
Bo Forbes – Elemental Yoga.  Bo Forbes wrote this book: Yoga for Emotional Balance. I am reading it. I like it.

When i move my body to the rhythm of yoga, to my breath, and to my teacher’s voice, i am sometimes able to just be right there.  nowhere else. not on the train. not locked in my mind. not completely afraid.  here, with intensity, with calm, with emotion, with feeling, with sensation.  i feel a little spark in my soul.  i remember. and then i forget again. and then i remember.  try to just come back with gentleness.  sparking the soul.  moving the body.  jumping off the train.


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