courage, calm, and curiosity

yup.  another post about change. cause i just can’t seem to shake it.  all the ways of change.

maybe its a life change, like moving across the country only to find out that the school you entered with high expectations was not, really really not, a good fit! or maybe its a small change, like deciding to have oatmeal instead of rice cakes and almond butter for breakfast (not me, i stick with rice cakes. there needs to be some constant other than change.)  Or maybe its an internal shift .. of values, desire, hopes, health … those things are shifting around inside me too.

whatever the change, here are three things to i am clinging to in the face of change:

courage. courage my friends. courage to stand (or sleep). courage to do what needs to be done.  courage to feel it. all of it.

calm heart, calm mind, an ocean of calm, please!

and curiosity .. what is this right now?  getting familiar and curious with it all.  trying to stay afloat. or falling into it and maybe just sinking to the bottom for a while. whatever works.

i made these little bears to remind me to live with courage, calmness, and curiosity. and whatever else comes along.


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