love is

this post is dedicated to my best friend who died twelve years ago yesterday.  he taught me to live with compassion, to find my heart’s passion and follow it, to be gentle, and to rock out. i don’t know how to do all those things yet but i hold them dear and him dear as well.

so, three songs: 

d. chose this song for his memorial ..frank sinatra – my way

this song is a favourite of mine right now.  he never knew it but he might like it. my sister told me the title of this means love is a heartbreak … and it’s true.  take the joy and the care and the tears and the sorrow …and wrap  it up in such a lovely little package — you get a feeling much like this wonderful song by caracol.  (she has a new album coming out this october!)

and just to get you up and dancing … d. always said stay groovy … 

dance party in the living room! 


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