afternoon delight

happy saturday!  today i just want to share a few photos that delight and nourish my soul … what delights and nourishes you?  

PiE!  Is there anything better?  Well, yes. But pie is pretty damn good.  This is a rhubarb-strawberry pie I made .. delish! 

Scrabble! Or .. any kind of word game that you can get crazy with! I’m not the best player but it can be super fun when you relax and just spell how things sound or feel .. or bring in your own words and make up superawesome definitions that no one can deny! 

Twink! From Rainbow Brite … needle-felted wonder by my dear friend Bethany B!  Arts and crafts: fun to make, amazing to receive as gifts, and really .. just make the world a better place.  Bees, honey, flowers, linden trees, farming, growing food, making mead … yes bees are an absolute delight! a big thank you to our little friends who work so hard and bring us oh-so-much!  I spent about 6 weeks on a farm in Sooke (Tugwell Creek Farm) where they were dedicated to the bee – such an amazing experience.  That is where I first felt the shock of an electric fence! But also got to walk along the ocean every day.  Lovely. 

Costumes!  Need I say more?  
raffiti almost always makes me happy … I love to see art in public, unexpected places …I took this picture in a pathway between two old buildings on the University of Toronto campus … thanks to whoever created this and made my day!                  
peace out
P.S. Most photos taken by me .. not the one of  my though (lionesscowgirl) .. i think my friend bob took that  

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