i feel ya friend. with all my heart.

So, my latest research and soul searching has led me to the world of (mostly Canadian) art therapy.  I have a deep interest in art as a tool for healing and expression – at the individual, group, and community level.   Art therapy is an absolutely amazing field with researchers, practitioners, and clients engaged in diverse ways of knowing, feeling, and working.   It is a widely practiced form of therapy and has its roots in various geographical places and theoretical frameworks.

photo: me. location: toronto public washroom.

The Canadian Art Therapy Association (C.A.T.A.) was founded in 1977 by Dr. Martin A. Fischer.   There are 3 schools in BC (Victoria, Vancouver, and Nelson), 2 in Quebec (a MA at Concordia – the only one in the country), one in Alberta, and one in Toronto – The Toronto site has a great introduction to art therapy and the Vancouver site has a great history of art therapy in Canada. And the Nelson site is very vibrant with a great list of resources!

I like this simple video because it shows examples of art created in an art therapy session … of course, there are all kinds of videos on youtube …not sure who created this video …

In my searching I came across a great project/organization called Art for People – a creation of Martine Bedard and Andy Holmes.  All about love, peace, creativity AND environmental awareness/sustainable art practices –  Art for People makes art, practices art therapy, and contributes to international art projects around the world.  Check out the fantastic pictures on their site about their bike ride with their family (2 little kids), their artist-in-residence experience, and a link to blog by Earle Birney who is headed into a 3 year peace retreat (along with a list of others).

Healing the body and soul through art, expression, and dialogue… a place to explore without all the words and  expectations … to explore the difficult or traumatic or joyful  with colour, line, shape, and movement … to be supported in creative expression … I guess that is one of the things that catches my attention about art therapy is that it is accessible to most, if not all …

photo credit: me . location: somewhere in san francisco.  thanks to the graffiti artist (unknown).

Feelings … sometimes hard to deal with … always necessary to process … and as “we are the doer, so can we undo” : Swami Radha.

peace out for now,



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