Special Feature: Winnipeg!

After a bit of an absence from the world of the artsandcraftscollective, I am back with a special feature on a pretty groovy city – Winnipeg!   So, what’s up with Winnipeg?  Well …

1. It has a pretty neat satellite image … reminds me of the Nazca lines found in Peru.

The City of Winnipeg has a few stats – Cultural Capital of Canada in 2010. over 100 languages spoken in the area.  And Winnipeg Pride’s website tell me that Winnipeg has  over 40 ethnic cultures with the largest Aboriginal population in Canada.

2.  i have never been there but I have met a few Winnipeggers over the years  – people with a sense of justice, creativity, and a certain prairie feel that warms my heart …

3. its a hotbed of community art projects, programs, and activities!   let’s go check it out ….



Finger in the Dyke:   Last summer, I met this fantastic performance artist named Shawna Dempsey – who works out of Winnipeg with her creative partner Lorri Millan – at a conference organized by Common Weal.  One of my favourites (cause I am a big fan of Wonder Woman and I own a few of the 1970’s episodes and I love her kickass attitude)  – is this video:   about Super Feminist …  feminism has and continues to play a huge role in my own life and I am grateful to the women that forged paths before me … and continue to do so all around me right now.. in small and big ways …

Shawna is also the Co-Executive Director for Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art – an amazing organization that offers an array of   programs and activities – like discussion groups, special topic-workshops, structured mentoring programs (intensive, long-term, and for Aboriginal artists) …and crafts!  The picture is from the website … just to get you inspired to follow the link and learn more about their organization .. is there an organization like this where you live?





This picture is taken from ArtCity’s image gallery —  it inspires me to make things and continue to learn more about what other people are doing!   Art City is a non-profit community arts organization that offers art classes for all ages  – including digital photography, open studio times, and pottery.  I have taken pottery classes off and on for years and absolutely love it!  There is something about connecting with the earth, watching the clay form into a sculpture or a bowl and then using that peice of pottery for the rest of my life knowing I made it with my own two hands…..  makes me feel pretty special.

This is the ArtCity building .. even from the outside it looks like a creative, energetic, inspiring, and safe place – notice the bikes outside!!  and no snow … must be summer 🙂

As I was researching this feature, I found out that ArtCity has a partnership with ” The Institute of Urban Studies with the broader community in Winnipeg and Saskatoon for the purpose of participating in the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, the theme of which is “Better City, Better Life.” Using a community learning framework, the University of Winnipeg’s Institute of Urban Studies, Art City and the Saskatoon Community Youth Arts Programming Inc. (SCYAP) will collaborate to visualize and document a prairie perspective on the themes of Expo 2010.”   Found on the Living Prairie City Blog.    You can read more about the project and see pictures by following the links.

There are so many more things happen but I think that is a long enough post for tonight ..  I will continue to post links on the side so you can browse to your hearts content .. if you find something interesting .. let me know!   I think my next feature will be about some of the tough issues that can be addressed through community-based art …

Thanks for sharing and learning …


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