a different view

So these blogs talk about how social justice and art  in schools- in the US – has become simply a tool for the Obama administration to push its own political agenda …. and to push the concept of ‘social justice’ and violent revolution …  what do you think about that?


“A telling sign of the nature of this movement is the logo adopted by the NAEA for its 2010 convention, whose theme is “Art Education and Social Justice.” It is the raised-clenched-fist symbol commonly associated with radical, even violent, political activism. Nor should one be much comforted by the fact that this fist is holding a pair of paint brushes.”

National Art Education Association and “Social Justice” Propaganda

More inculcation and brain drain — stealing our nation’s youthful creativity to pound guilt, divisiveness, victimhood and racism into the cultural sewer.   A Blog Responder says :  “How much you want to bet that they teach the students to put graffiti around? After all, it’s “art”, and it can be used to harass and intimidate society into having “social justice” — in other words, the Obama / ACORN model.”


And here is another viewpoint ….

“Through art, we can challenge many of our society’s deepest-seated assumptions, such as the boundaries between self and other, “artist” and “non-artist,” present and past, male and female, young and old, “normal” and “abnormal.”

The community artist builds upon the power of artistic creation and expression to spark new ideas and elicit new actions, both from people who participate in the creative process and those who witness its results.

Art can catalyze critical thinking, inspire individuals to work together, create visions, heal. This energy, in turn, helps catalyze, inspire and heal the community artist who facilities its development.”

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