hi there

I love art! I love crafts! and I love community!  and all three combined makes me a happy camper…

So, I started a blog to share and learn about community-based arts and crafts projects, ideas, dreams, and social change!

There are so many examples of amazing community-based art projects — people just getting together and creating to work things out …. build relationships … explore and address social issues like wealth-poverty or violence-healing or …belonging-isolation… heal together …. share diverse perspectives …  get into a deeper understanding of why and how we feel and think and interact ….  and how we can share this home together ….

there is so much to talk about and share — check out the links on the side for projects, blogs, and groups that I know about … please send me links to ones  you know about too!   Check out my Why page … this explains a bit of what I would like to create here …

Arts and crafts can be a bit scary for some people — the words have a bit of a reputation and I will talk about that in future postings … but for now, I just want to say that I think creative expression is one of those things we all share — we are all express our thoughts, feelings, and opinions in unique ways .. and this blog will be all about that ….

and I look forward to hearing what you think about all this too!



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